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An Online Community Platform supports the ILEAnet Network+Community enabling professional social networking and mutual online assistance and exchange in terms of research and innovation addressing the LEA challenges. It is organised dynamically by groups (e.g. by countries or LEA sub-disciplines) and sub-communities (typically thematically focused) to enable targeted communication and discussions, based on areas of interest and expertise.

Experts in innovation for law enforcement, at first including practitioners from different sub-disciplines, and in the near future from academia, industry, policy making and other stakeholders, from all over Europe, gather to discuss, exchange, brainstorm, analyse and generate knowledge. ILEAnet will hence catalyse innovation between LEAs and between LEAs, academics and industry.

One of the main ILEAnet achievements, the ILEAnet Knowledge Factory, will be produced via the Online Community Platform. It will be continuously enriched with the contribution from the Community members thus serving as a unique source of information through which the members will get informed, link up, exchange, learn from each other, share information about innovative solutions as well as LEA-relevant research & innovation, collaborate on new concepts and ideas, contribute to common reference tools.

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