ILEAnet and the researchers

Collaboration with research projects

Researchers are invited to participate in all ILEAnet stages from solution identification to the recommendation elaboration, and the discussion between solution providers and law enforcement practitioners.

By joining the ILEAnet community, researchers:

Participate in joint activities with law enforcement practitioners Develop their knowledge of the LEA environment and challenges Are aware of the ILEAnet scientific exploration and can be part of it Promote their research work and expertise Boost their collaboration opportunities in national or international projects

Here are two concrete examples of activities ILEAnet is doing:

ILEAnet, through ENSP, launched two European open calls to conduct in-depth studies on:
•    Information sharing mechanisms between law enforcement in Europe
•    Age assessment techniques
These tenders will act as a bridge between LEAs’ needs expressed in ILEAnet and the research, development & innovation community.

Furthermore, ILEAnet designed a scientific newsletter which monitors security research area, addresses generic research issues and highlights the work currently carried out in Europe in security research area.

To be part of the ILEAnet scientific community, please contact the scientific coordination team at: ensp-ileanet(at)

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