ILEAnet Scientific Community

The ILEAnet Scientific Coordination: a bridge between Research, Academia & Practitioners

ILEAnet Scientific Community

The scientific coordination provides scientific leadership to the ILEAnet project in order to ensure the quality of the discussion and the monitoring of the scientific field at the European and international levels. It is involved in scouting activities as well, particularly state-of-the-art studies and in-depth assessment of solutions. The scientific coordination is led by the research centre of ENSP (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Police -French Police Academy) with Prof. Patrick Laclémence.

What does ILEAnet bring to researchers?

ILEAnet developed a number of activities for scientists: find out more about here! Those activities have been and will continue to be implemented in order to make LEAs and scientists collaborate. They enable researchers to get closer to practitioners and promote and share their research outputs.

Furthermore, the ILEAnet scientific coordination is collaborating with several European projects that offer innovative solutions to daily challenges faced by LEAs.

Who are the ILEAnet scientific referents and what is their role?

The ILEAnet scientific network draws on scientific referents who are the security research contact points in their countries. They are able to provide insights in terms of projects, initiatives, practices and resources, at a national level. See the table below to find out who they are and their areas of expertise!

The ILEAnet Scientific Referents are contact points for Security Research in their respective country. They are able to provide insights in terms of projects, initiatives, practices and resources, at a national level. Have a look at the table here to find out yours!

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