Mission & Objectives

The mission of ILEAnet is to build and develop a sustainable organisational Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) practitioners network focused on research, development and innovation (RDI) addressing LEA challenges, together with a community of individuals, including practitioners and experts from academia and industry, interested to exchange and collaborate in this area.

ILEAnet is governed by practitioners, but will have strong interactions with academia and industry as part of the Network+Community activities. In particular, ILEAnet aims to bridge the gap between RDI and practice, and to reduce the delay in analyzing the needs and the subsequent research efforts to respond to these needs between practitioners, scientists and industry.

ILEAnet is a European project that is not driven by technology. It aims to stimulate and facilitate the discussion of law enforcement practitioners allowing for easier expression of their needs. This will happen both top-down, via ideas coming from European and national policies down to the police workforce, and bottom-up, via identification of real life challenges and needs by the policemen together with exchange on best practices, going up to the institutional hierarchies and to policy makers.  

The effective iterative interaction between these two processes will help to identify and prioritise suggestions with respect to future EU and national programmes, policies and standardization efforts for LEA-relevant RDI.

The objectives of this five-year-long project kicked-off in June 2017 are to implement various activities allowing to achieve its main mission:

  • Develop the organisational ILEAnet Network and the inter-personal ILEAnet Community.
  • Encourage active social networking via the ILEAnet Online Community Platform
  • Create a set of reference tools such as the ILEAnet Knowledge Factory, the ILEAnet Project Portfolio and the ILEAnet RDI Roadmap. For more information about these tools, refer to the section Concept.

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