What is the ILEAnet Network+Community?

By setting up and operating a network of LEA practitioner organisations and a community of people interested in LEA innovation, ILEAnet allows organisations and individuals to connect, get informed, engage and collaborate with other people in the community and benefit from the shared information and knowledge resources. The dialogue involving practitioners and academic contributors is supervised by the ILEAnet Scientific Coordination

The ILEAnet Network

The ILEAnet Network has started by involving the member organisations of the project consortium. In the near future, ILEAnet will expand this network by recruiting additional members from different countries, organisations, disciplines,… etc. In each country, one “ILEAnet National Contact” (INC) will be in charge of the national ILEAnet Network. INCs are LEA representatives and therefore embedded within the organisational structure of a qualifying agency.

The ILEAnet Community

The ILEAnet Community is a lively community of practitioners from different sub-disciplines, experts in innovation for law enforcement, academia, industry, policy making and other stakeholders, from all over Europe. Whilst initially members are expected to come primarily from the organisations involved in the ILEAnet Network, progressively the ILEAnet Community will evolve and shape autonomously through personal connections and interests.

What are the expected results?

One of the main results, the ILEAnet Knowledge Factory, will maintain a database on the Online Community Platform supporting the ILEAnet Community. This information resource, consultable by the ILEAnet Community members, will be the reference tool for RDI programme development. The ILEAnet Knowledge Factory will map the challenges, needs and questions that are brought up in the ILEAnet Community, with the existing knowledge, approaches and developments that can address these. It will hence allow to identify research and innovation gaps, requirements and opportunities.

ILEAnet will further develop the RDI Roadmap for future RDI activities to seize the identified opportunities and ultimately fill the gaps; and the ILEAnet Project Portfolio containing information about existing RDI projects, and ideas and concepts for new collaborative undertakings. Whilst the preparation of the funding application will be outside of the scope of ILEAnet, the activities of the running projects will be monitored and results be fed back into the ILEAnet Knowledge Factory. ILEAnet processes will then support and accelerate the dissemination and uptake of such project results.

How will it be implemented?

ILEAnet work processes will be implemented in annual cycles, with the first year (2017-2018) being a test cycle. Each annual cycle will be completed with conclusions and recommendations for the challenges that have been tackled throughout the year, but also with a feedback loop on the processes that have been implemented. An annual public workshop will be organised at the end of each cycle to disseminate the findings made throughout the process.

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